Dear Nephew 2020

I wrote a letter to my 2-year-old nephew about Donald Trump. I intend to show it to him when he grows up, but you are welcome to read it now.

As I wrote in the letter, I could not rest without articulating something of what it feels like to see Trump in power. Whether you think you agree with what I have to say or not, I encourage you to read it fully before forming a firm conclusion.

The letter is centered on quotations from Trump himself, with some contextual information. If you find errors in either, I want to know about them. I care about accuracy and will happily issue corrections. I will also keep previous versions of the letter public for the sake of transparency.

To bring an error to my attention, please fill out this form.

Previous versions:

2020-10-25. Current version. Fixed a typo on page 35.

2020-10-22. Fixed a typo on page 20.

2020-10-21. First online version.